Frequently Asked Question

Ans: You may set up a business such as registering a private limited company as foreigner, registration of branch office, registration of project office as well as franchise agreement etc.

Ans: 100% ownership is allowed in most of the sectors, with some exceptions.  Investment Policy of Bangladesh liberalizes ownership of investment by any national in any enterprise except enterprises with activities listed on the ‘reserve list’ which are prohibited for both foreign and Bangladeshi nationals. The reserve list includes:

  1. Arms and ammunitions and other military equipment and machineries;
  2. Nuclear power;
  3. Security printing and minting; and
  4. Afforestation and Mechanized Extraction within the boundary of reserved forest.

Ans: The Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980 provides fair and equitable treatment to foreign private investments by which investors in Bangladesh shall enjoy full protection and security in Bangladesh.

Ans: In the event of losses of foreign investment owing to civil commotion, insurrection, or riot, foreign private investment shall be accorded the same treatment with regard to indemnification, compensation, restitution, or other settlement as is accorded to investments by the citizens of Bangladesh.

Ans: Foreign Private Investment shall not be expropriated or nationalized  or be subject to any measures having effect of expropriation or nationalization  except for a public purpose against adequate compensation which shall be paid expeditiously and be freely transferable.

Ans: In respect of foreign private investment, the transfer of capital and the returns from it and, in the event of liquidation of industrial undertaking for such investment, the proceeds from such liquidation is guaranteed.

Ans: (a) For limited companies, incorporation is to be obtained from Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (‘RJSC’).

(b) Branch/liaison/representative office to obtain registration from BIDA.

(c) Other post-registration permits include but are not limited to:

Trade license – All business organizational structures need to get Trade License from the concerned City Corporation/ Municipal Corporation/ Union Council office under which jurisdiction the business entity or the Economic Zone is located.

TIN and VAT Registration Certificate, etc: From the National Board of Revenue.

Ans: All industrial processing units need to obtain Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from the Department of Environment before starting construction of industry.

Ans: To qualify for incentives, the company or firm must register with BEZA, but prior to that the investors need to obtain Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership registration, TIN, VAT Registration and Environment clearance.

Ans: VISA Categories for entering into Bangladesh to do business:

  1. A-3 – Foreign citizen as per agreement signed in between the Government of Bangladesh and the Development Agency;
  2. FA3 – Family members of A-3 Visa holder;
  3. B – Business purpose travel;
  4. PI – Travel by prospective investor;
  5. FPI – Family members of PI Visa holder;
  6. E – Employment of foreign technician/expat;
  7. FE – Family members of E Visa holder;
  8. E1 – To train local people/ supervise in regard to supply/ installation/maintenance of machineries and software.

Ans: With prior recommendation from BEZA, EZ & BIDA, foreign investor/ shareholder will be entitled to use the Airport VIP Lounge.