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Upon receipt of any query, the Desk will get back to the service recipient as soon as possible with the reply. In case, if further discussion is required, the Desk will arrange physical/virtual consultation with its appropriate partner, e.g. Legal Counsel, New Vision etc. Sometimes such meetings can be arranged with CCCI or JETRO as well. The initial support by the partners will be Free of Cost and after that the patterns may directly charge discounted fee from the service recipient. Our Services include:

Legal Advice

Provide a one-stop legal solution that will cater to the legal needs of all Japanese companies and investors. Legal advisory services can range from advice on different areas of law such as Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), labour law, intellectual property law, commercial law, contracts law, etc.

Due diligence and analysis for market entry

Conducting due diligence when considering a new market or buyer/partner. Investigate the political, economic, and financial conditions of the market. Carefully select partners and buyers to ensure a successful and profitable relationship for Japanese companies.

Regulatory (Filings, Licenses and Permits)

Aiding Japanese businesses in obtaining the required licenses and permits from the regulatory authorities in Bangladesh.

Legal Documentation

Drafting and vetting of the necessary documents Japanese investors need to seamlessly run their businesses.

Employment and Labour advising

Delivering clear, practical and results-oriented legal advice on all aspects of employment and labour law. Strive to offer strong, effective representation where workplace disputes arise and valuable insight into the best way to establish and implement realistic and reliable employment and labour practices.

Entity Formation

Providing the necessary support including drafting and reviewing documentation, filling and making applications for company incorporation and liaison/branch/representative office registration.


Aid in litigation at all levels of courts in Bangladesh.

Banking and Finance advising

Using knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of Japanese clients in terms of banking and finance. Handle the transactional paperwork, standardize documents, create and implement policies, answer the queries, keep up with the regulations, ensure compliance and handle the disputes.

Property and Real Estate Laws

Offer specialized legal services regarding real estate and property laws in Bangladesh in relation to investigations of commercial and residential properties, determination of title and interests, vetting of property documents. Assist in acquiring non-encumbrance certificate, mutation certificate, succession certificates etc 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Provide full support in mergers and acquisitions.

Reorganization, Restructuring and Insolvency

Providing the necessary range of legal and commercial skills to assist companies in financial distress in their restructuring efforts. Offering professional legal assistance in order to rescue, rehabilitate or reorganize business companies in financial distress.

Evaluation of Taxation with regulatory environment and other government incentives

Advise on corporate tax service that will help optimize the investment in Bangladesh, improve the specific arrangements for trading, implement reasonable tax planning and conduct timely and effective tax claims. Services also include matters related to individual tax. Ensuring that all procedures are within the ambit of regulatory authorities in Bangladesh and advising on various incentives.

Dispute resolution and Arbitration

When disputes occur, assisting Japanese clients in devising and implementing strategies that best resolve conflicts. When necessary, formulate strategies designed to address complex international cases involving multiple jurisdictions, parties and claims as well as parallel judicial proceedings

Networking, Knowledge sharing and B2B Matchmaking

Building a strong network of executives and institutions, to facilitate investment opportunities and business operations between Japan and Bangladesh. Japan Desk will help to collaborate Bangladeshi companies with Japanese companies through B2B matchmaking activities. B2B Matchmaking sessions are offered to mobilize investments in both foriegn and local projects and businesses. This will provide participants with an opportunity to connect with potential business partners, public and private investors and policymakers.

Intellectual Property Advising

Protecting intellectual property rights, through advising on data security issues, technology licensing and sourcing strategies. Addressing complex legal questions with advice tailored to the client’s business needs.

Workplace Health and Safety

Advising on sustainability and protection of work habitats, the reduction of risk of physical harm to employees. Consultation in areas of workplace and product safety. Providing comprehensive legal advice on all aspects as well as the responsibilities of employers and liability for damages arising from illnesses and injuries to employees and third parties which may occur

Paralegal Services

Performing a variety of tasks to support lawyers, including maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting documents. Help lawyers monitor and review government regulations to ensure that the corporation is aware of new legal requirements.

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